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On Sat, Nov 13, 2010 at 10:25 PM, Charlie Kravetz <
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> https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/670927
> Can not print the "Leadership Code Of Conduct"
> I am asking for clarification on this bug report. I may ruffle a few
> feathers now, and mine will probably be ruffled a bit also during this
> discussion. However, there appears to a major misunderstanding
> concerning this serious bug in the website. I do not believe any
> comments were made as an insult or derogatory statement, however, my
> perception was that they were degrading to myself because of a visual
> disability.
> I filed this report because I could not print out
> http://www.ubuntu.com/community/leadership-conduct.
> The bug report was placed in "incomplete" status with the following
> comment: /quote
> What is the reason for printing it?
> /end quote/
> This is perceived by myself as either an insult or complete
> misunderstanding of the report. I do not believe I should justify why I
> need to print any item/article/page. I stated in the report "Since the
> type is very small on this page and in a color not easily read with
> limited visual ability, I attempted to print the page out." That would
> be the reason to need to print the report.

Take a look at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status



   If you have to ask the reporter questions, set the bug to Incomplete
   - Ask the submitter to provide any necessary information in a comment,
   and make sure you subscribe yourself to the bug report so you will get any
   updates to the bug via e-mail."

Based upon the triaging guidelines, the bug was set to incomplete. I do see
now, and may have misread/misunderstood initially that you said "Since the
type is very small on this page and in a color not easily read with limited
visual ability, I attempted to print the page out." So I do now understand
why you are trying to print the page. I have myself printed the page, and
the page printed properly, as has another user. Both stated that the text is
on the small side, however that is because it prints the same size as how it
is set on the website.

You have actually reported atleast three different bugs in this one bug

- Hard to read small print and light color: This isn't a decision that can
be made by the ubuntu-website team, so it needs to be sent upstream (to the
design team) which was the reason for starting this email. This part could
possibly be marked as a wishlist item, however I don't believe that the
ubuntu-website bug tracker is the correct place for it.

- The page prints incorrectly. It printed fine for two people, so I can't
mark that confirmed because it isn't (so far) reproducible. Making that part
of the bug invalid at  this point in time.

- The next bug is also a feature request, so again a wishlist item, but
again, since this is an issue for the design team, and not the
ubuntu-website team, I don't believe that the ubuntu-website bug tracker is
the right place for it.

Because of the points I have made above, I do feel that Incomplete is the
correct status at the present time for the bug. As an atleast partial fix
for the time being, why instead of printing can the text not by copied and
pasted into any text editor and then increase the font size of the text?

> As a team, the website team is leading what has become a complete
> change in the websites and wikis. This change is coming without regard
> to reports that the changes are causing issues for the disabled.
> Since many of us can not read small print easily, printing pages does
> allow better readability. I often can not distinguish characters of
> text against the backgrounds used by the wiki and website.
> If there is a problem with printing pages, there should be a warning
> that so states the page can not be printed. To further compound the
> problems, we now a wiki design with links in white, orange, black, and
> gray text. The shadings used are causing text to not be readable in
> places, and also do not allow one to distinguish clearly the sections
> of a page. These issues can be overcome by changing the theme used in
> user preferences, after an individual logs in. Of course, login takes
> some time, with a not so obvious login button.
> Can anyone explain things to me?
> 1. Why is printing the website page wrong?

I don't believe it is, as we have had two people print it fine.

> 2. Do we specify any where on the website that an individual should not
> attempt to print the pages?

This isn't something that needs to be/should be done IMO.

> 3. Why can't a page be formatted that is
> easily read by those with limited vision?

That is the point of moving this discussion to the mailing list. This is an
issue that needs to be handled by the design team, not the ubuntu-website

> 4. The websites I design, the
> fonts can be zoomed by the browser user without losing any information.
> Why am I not able to that on this page and on most of this website?

That isn't the way the website was designed for whatever reason. I haven't
tried to to see if I can change it or not.

> 5.
> Is there anything that I can do to help make the website and wiki pages
> readable by everyone? 6. How can I help the website design and
> maintenance teams insure the websites are accessible?
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