[ubuntu-web] bug in website

Alan Bell alan.bell at theopenlearningcentre.com
Sun Nov 14 10:30:35 GMT 2010

I would like to draw a bit of a distinction between the printing issue 
(I agree websites should be printable, I just can't reproduce the 
problem, works OK on my printer) and the general on screen issue with 
the tiny fonts and lowered contrast. The printing issue isn't 
universally reproduced and we don't yet understand the cause of it, 
further investigations are required on that one.

There is a more specific bug relating to the low contrast text (The main 
content text is #333333 on a #F7F7F7 background) here:
it was reported against the wiki design, but really applies across more 
sites using the similar theme, including amongst others all sites based 
on light-wordpress-theme.

I am working on a wordpress based redesign for our loco 
http://beta.ubuntu-uk.org/ and I changed the theme a bit to increase the 
size of the body text and the contrast until it was readable to various 
low vision users, I also made the theme fluid so that the layout works 
regardless of your preferred window size and text size.

I also worked on the light-moin-theme code at 
http://libertus.co.uk:8080/ following the design guidelines as closely as
possible without compromising readability and testing it against key 
pages of content from the wiki such as the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter.

here are the various changes I have proposed

and sometimes you can see it running on my laptop at 
http://libertus.co.uk:8080 unless of course I wonder off with the laptop.

At the moment the font sizes are specified in px which just seems wrong 
to me. I think the base body text size should be specified in points and 
then all the other sizes should be expressed as a percentage relative to 
this. I don't see how font sizes in px should ever print at a 
predictable size. I am quite happy to do the work for this, however 
there is no point in me doing this again if it won't get merged in due 
to a conflict with the design guidelines.

Worth pointing out that we are not talking about making it readable for 
just people who have severe vision problems, but making it readable on 
lots of devices with variable screen quality and for people who have 
mildly impaired vision who wear glasses and might take a large print 
book out from the library in preference to the small print version.



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