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On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 9:21 AM, Alan Bell <
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> On 12/11/10 13:29, rugby471 wrote:
> > Hi Alan,
> >
> > Wow you do seem to know a lot more than I do about the current
> > situation.
> I have no special inside knowledge, I have just been looking at the
> problem for a bit longer!
> I am 100% sure that Xapian and 1.9.3 will be a big performance increase,
> however I am not quite as certain as I was about the huge delay on
> saving. It certainly seems to be the same amount of time, and it is to
> do with figuring out who to mail and/or actually mailing them. Whether
> the full text engine would boost the speed of evaluating all the regular
> expressions I am now a little less sure than I was. But if we know which
> bit of code contains the bottleneck and the reason given not to move to
> mediawiki is because of the python skills in house I am sure that this
> is something that can be overcome with a bit of code, even if there was
> a compromise on the regular expression syntax people could use. It might
> be that the notification mails could be done in the background after
> returning the page to the user, or moved to an hourly cron job running
> the regexps against modified pages. There are loads of ways to fix this.
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Who is the primary MoinMoin support resource at Canonical? It would be great
to hear their opinion. In addition, if this effort were to move forward is
there a test environment or would we need to set this up else where? Are
there multiple instances of MoinMoin running for targeted groups ( ie.
"documentation" )?

Allen -

In my mind I see the steps as follows.

1) Discover the best MoinMoin version to install ( "1.9.3/python 3.0 " ? )

2) Install this version in a test environment configured for performance and

3) Migrate the data for testing

4) Test the solution for performance

5) Make changes as required

6) Make coding changes as required to run in the target environment

7) Test the solution for defects and performance metrics

8) Make changes as required

9) Promote the new solution into production

This assumes no new functionality other than improvements in the newer

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