[ubuntu-web] Licensing

Stas Sușcov stas at nerd.ro
Tue Aug 10 20:29:15 BST 2010

În data de Ma, 10-08-2010 la 13:24 -0400, Michael a scris:
> What license dot the Ubuntu Website Community Theme use?
> Specifically, what are the licenses for the code (HTML, CSS, Javascript,
> etc) as well as the licenses for the images?
> Also, will platform specific branches be allowed to use other licenses
> (if allowed by the main content's licenses) if necessary to be hosted on
> 3rd party websites (like drupal.org)?

Good question!

I think dual licensed, one for code and another one for artwork/images.

WordPress doesn't allow you to publish themes under other license then
GPL 2, so should be licensed drupal derivative work. But the rest can be
republished under different license.

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