[ubuntu-web] ubuntu.com usability

Mads Rosendahl madsrh at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 22:26:19 GMT 2008

Great post Erik!

I just wanted to add that Scott Ritchie recently posted a few comments
on ubuntu.com. Below is his comments from his blog:

> Today I wanted to make a forum post on Something Awful about the release of Intrepid. After 30 minutes of clicking around ubuntu.com, I was still unable to find everything I was looking for.
>    * No torrents for DVD images (I'm convinced they don't exist)
>    * I got to the release notes once, but couldn't figure out how to get back there by simple clicking (a Google search didn't help, though searching with the ubuntu.com toolbar did)
>    * No way to find the "What's new in Intrepid" feature list; I ended up having to Google the term and then use the old beta feature list.  Searching for intrepid feature list on the Ubuntu site returns some threads from ubuntuforums.

madsrh at gmail.com

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