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Sense Hofstede sense at qense.nl
Sat Oct 18 14:03:32 BST 2008

2008/10/18 Sakse Dalum <don.s at yodanism.org>

> "Sense Hofstede" <sense at qense.nl> wrote:
> > Why so much attention for the design so early? It's probably because
> there
> > are indeed not as much coders here as there are designers. All coders
> that
> > offered help seem to be vanished. Currently I'm the only developer, but
> > several people already sent a mock-up to this list, with MadsRH being the
> > most active. I hope there will come more coders, but before I'm activly
> > going to look for more help I'd like to have something useable to show.
> But
> > if there are other people already willing to help, I sure wouldn't say no
> to
> > them!
> Hi!
> Perhaps I should add myself to the list of coders/hackers. I figured I
> might be needed somewhere, so I went ahead and decided to get into the
> Web Presence team.
> If you need my help on anything, just give me a nod.
> » Sakse "Don S" Dalum
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Great to hear someone is interested! There is plenty to do, but I think it
would be good to start with the overview page for skills first.
When someone creates a task, (s)he can select the skills needed for the
task. There isn't an interface yet to manage the available skills, but that
can be done later. The poster can also select the experience: beginner,
intermediate and expert.
At the task overviews the skills are click-able. However, they point to a
page that doesn't exist yet. It would be great if you could create pages for
skills listening the tasks requiring it, making the different experience
required also clear.
Another thing that would be useful is a general overview of the skills,
although that hasn't got that much priority.

It would be a lot of work to create a complete system ourselves, so instead
we're using Drupal 5, which is the only PHP CMS approved by Canonical to run
in their data-centre. The Wanted module is based on the Brainstorm module of
Nicolas Deschildre.

You can find the code in the branch of the Ubuntu Wanted Development team,
https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-wanted-dev If you want to push to that branch
you need to be a member of that team; everyone can read the branch. In the
root you'll find the SQL file of the database. Please keep in mind that it's
processed every time you push to the branch in order to make the development
host at http://ubuntu-wanted-devel.ideatorrent.org usable.

Some documentation for Drupal's module system: http://drupal.org/node/231275

Sense Hofstede
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