[ubuntu-web] Cache

Hugh Barnes list.ubuntu at hughbris.com
Tue Jul 15 13:13:55 BST 2008

On Tuesday 15 July 2008 21:03:59 Andrew Mason wrote:
> Matthew you mentioned that you are aiming for 100k without a primed cache
> and something or other after, I don't think this will improve the bandwidth
> problem that much, but you might be able to reduce the number of
> connections even more than you currently do by setting expires headers for
> all the css and images. Even if its only for 3 days or so and then after 
> that it goes back to re-validating it might help in crunch time..

Andrew, I'm not entirely sure about some of the context and terms you use 
here, so I could be off the mark, but if you mean an Expires HTTP header, 
then "Last-Modified" or an "ETag" header would do a better job. (You also 
have to support the right responses when the resource is not modified, of 
course). I'm wondering if it's me being confused mainly because none of this 
will help for (what I undertsand as) an unprimed cache.

> There is also the option to enable TCN and pre-zipped the javascript etc..
> this would also reduce the load on the server.

TCN? Transparent content negotiation? (got that from Googling). HTTP and most 
clients support compressed transportation. I'd be surprised if that' s not 
already happening.

> I guess it all depends how many hits you get if this would make much of a
> difference over all but i thought i'd mention it.

Thanks, it's always worth doing what whatever's possible to reduce load and 
bandwidth for everyone. Might need to hear from Matthew what the server 
environment can support.


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