[ubuntu-web] The Next Steps

Gerry Carr gerry.carr at canonical.com
Fri Jul 4 12:45:00 BST 2008

Hi all,

Wow - a lot of activity already.

I am reading with interest the suggestion on the main site and I hope to 
incorporate these at some point. But to get there we are going to need 
credibility and credibility requires deliverables.

Matt has outlined in the wiki  projects that are all atomic, discrete 
and doable in the short term. If at 8.10 we can deliver to the community 
the countdown(s), the banners, tour and start page that are terrific 
then the credibility of the group as one that can deliver will be 
manifest. It will then be a lot easier to 'sell' more fundamental 
changes to the site and structure within Canonical. These are real 
projects, with real delivery dates that must be met and have true impact 
on the success of releases. Let's do them.

It is a distraction of focus try and 'fix ubuntu.com' and I don't want 
people to spend time on projects I cannot or will not implement. If you 
think you cannot participate without fundamentally changing the 
architecture of ubuntu.com, well I'm sorry this is not what this project 
is about right now.

So what would be wonderful is if people can adopt a project, organise 
teams to deliver them, set milestones and start rocking.



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