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Fri Jul 4 12:37:26 BST 2008

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Matthew Nuzum ha scritto:
> Thoughts for discussion:
> Do people prefer the mailing list to reply to the original poster or
> to reply to the mailing list by default? Right now if you hit reply
> the message won't go to the list.

IMHO will be better that replies goes directly in list and not to the
original sender, can avoid many mistakes ;)

> Should we plan an IRC meeting?

Sure, but with all the emerging opportunities I think is better to make
 - OR a global "where we want to go" meeting deciding on what points we
want to focus
- - OR a more in-depth meeting on some specific topics (I think one
meeting only for the "homepage" topic ;))

For time zones problem I have made some little statistic based on the
introduction emails until now.
FROM WEST TO EST starting from Australia:
Australia Eastern: 1
USA Alaska: 1
USA Central: 1
USA Eastern: 1
Canada Eastern: 1
USA Unknown: 1 (Alan Munson)
UK: 2
Europe Central: 7
(of which: Italy: 3 | France: 2 | Denmark: 1 | Portugal: 1)

Unknown: 8
Dereck Wonnacott, Andrew Mason (Australia?), Vitaly Babiy, James Turk,
Jarek Sedlacek, John Jelinek IV, Svetlin Marinov, Murat Gunes

My 2 cent.
Riccardo (Volans)

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