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Hey Brett, I was trying to take a look at the mock up and it looks like
your sound is down. ( Just a FYI )

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I sent both my websites accidentially to Matthew so here I am
resending them to ubuntu-website at list.ubuntu.com


I think we just need to make a more basic, crisp and clear website. How?

Break down what you actually want to show and leave major news
articles with lots of text to the side.

What do you want to sell?

- About Ubuntu
-- Desktop
--- Tour
-- Server
--- Tour
- Downloads
- Store
-- Canonical
-- Dell
-- System76
- Support
-- help.ubuntu.com
-- ubuntuforums.org
-- Canonical (paid)
- Contribute
-- Art
-- Marketing
-- Programming

This may seem similar to what you already have, you but you need
larger images and less text. Seems silly, but look at apple.com.
What's sitting there? A massive picture of their new iPhone that is
980px × 520px... 980px × 520px!! That's larger than an iPhone can even
view. While I suggest 770px as a maximum, catchy images is what pulls
in a viewer.

I'm a graphic artist if you need any help!


Here's a really quick mock up of what I mean:

You need to have large, simple buttons for user's to choose.

Then you can use a right or left menu to showcase links to more
advanced details.

The site features three advertisements at 770px wide. It was for an
old business website that I am no longer using, so use the content for
whatever you'd like.


Brett Alton
brett.jr.alton at gmail.com

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