[ubuntu-web] Lets get this party started

François Tissandier francois.tissandier at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 18:09:19 BST 2008

Hi Matt

Thanks for the clarification about this project.

>  * [your idea goes here]

I agree with the points you have listed, but if I may add something, I
think there are some global things which could really be improved on the
website before details (or at the same time). I already have a list of
things I noticed here and there, and some of them are not details, it's
about the whole website, and I think it's very important.

To me, the organisation of the info on the website is not clear. Maybe
it's just me, so I need some comments on this, but I have a problem with
the sitemap. I see different organisation trees, layouts, and it's not
as clear as it should be. 

Then also about the content. I have a simple question for you and
Canonical: who is this website for, and what is its purpose? Of course,
I have an idea of the answers, but I'm not sure if the website is really
answering to those questions, and I would like to make sure we are all
on the same wavelength. 

And finally, maybe I'm just wrong on those points, maybe it's not the
purpose of this team which should work on specific details and NOT
discuss the general architecture of the website. But those are my
initial feelings when I visit this website and that's usually what I'm
trusting. I can give details and explanations about all this, but if I'm
totally out of scope, tell me, I don't want to bother you with all

Thanks in advance for your comments!


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