[Bug 390291] Re: slow performance with bzr viz and large trees

Jean-François Fortin Tam nekohayo at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 16:18:59 BST 2009

Yeah, it just didn't strike me at that moment that I was using a lightweight
checkout, and just assumed that there was a performance problem :) I'm glad
to hear that some better visual feedback is planned for network-bound
operations, so I'm leaving this bug open for that.

I somehow still wonder why it "lags" or moves not smoothly. I mean, is it
because it's getting the commit revision numbers + summaries + generating
the graph, all at once? Or is the latency just caused by the graphs?
If that's the case,
- perhaps the graph could be made asynchroneous to the rest so that
scrolling can still occur, while a progressbar says something like
"generating graph";
- or maybe the graph could be disabled for network-bound operations?

Those are just random thoughts/guesses, I have no idea how the code actually
works :)

slow performance with bzr viz and large trees over the network
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