[Bug 390291] Re: slow performance with bzr viz and large trees

Jean-François Fortin Tam nekohayo at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 14:12:24 BST 2009

> What platform are you on, and what graphics
> hardware do you have?  Are you running bzr and bzr-gtk from a branch or
> a package?

Ubuntu 9.04, bzr from the PPA (1.15 IIRC?), using bzr-gtk from the bzr-gtk
branch (checked-out as ~/.bazaar/plugins/gtk/), and the benchmark is to run
bzr viz on that tree itself. (Did you try my repro instructions?)

The GPU is an Intel GMA 3100, driver 2.7.99somethingsomething + kernel
2.6.30, from the xorg edgers ppa from a few weeks ago (no crashes or

slow performance with bzr viz and large trees
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