[MERGE] Improve merge dialog

Jasper Groenewegen colbrac at xs4all.nl
Sun Jul 27 14:39:45 BST 2008

 > (...) I think
> we should also have a more visible "Apply Merge Directive" window that
> is specific to merge directives and e.g. gives you the ability to browse
> to a file and open that.

So how about:
- Have an option 'merge from [Bundle (patch file)]
- That gives a filechooser dialog similar to the folder chooser but one 
that selects files instead of folders
- On clicking merge, we open a DiffController/MergeDirectiveController 
window so that the user can check if he likes the changes and/or adapt them.

And again, how can I invoke that patch handler right now? I couldn't 
figure that out. Is it only from nautilus-bzr atm?


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