[MERGE] Modify DiffWidget to include a checkbutton to wrap long lines in the diff view

Jasper Groenewegen colbrac at xs4all.nl
Wed Jul 23 18:36:50 BST 2008

Scott Scriven wrote:
 > I'd prefer to see the checkbox above the file list instead of
 > below, to keep it closer to where the mouse (probably) is.

Staring at the viz window I'm starting to warm up to the idea of moving 
the option to the menubar. A control widget 'out there' in the 
information part of the window starts feeling wrong. With the checkbox 
above the file list it feels even more out of place, right there in the 

For the gdiff window. Suppose we do a menu bar in gdiff.. what else 
should go in there? A 'save as patch'? I'd say you want to 'push' people 
to commit before creating a patch/bundle. So no 'save as patch' I think.
Actually for the gdiff window I think the current bundle is the option 
that a) uses the least window space (no full menubar needed to set 1 
option) and b) is least in your way when you look at the window. Top 
left position feels too important for this (I'd guess) rarely used option.

> The label for the checkbox says "W_rap", but _r is already used 
> to activate the "_Revision" menu.  How about some other 
> accelerator, like "_Wrap" or "_long"?
Or no accelerator at all? _W feels wrong for being similar to ctrl+w. _l 
has my vote.

> There are other places the same style was used.  You may want to 
> change more than just this one.
Is there consensus on which style is preferred? In this case I thought 
my change was appropriate since it prevents a couple of gtk calls. In 
other constructs the difference may be not so big processor-wise.


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