[MERGE] Changed the click event for the right side file tree.

Kevin Light klight at walkertechnical.com
Sat Jul 19 03:27:12 BST 2008

----- "Jasper Groenewegen" <colbrac at xs4all.nl> wrote:

Thanks for the link, that was the ticket to get my brain on the GTK way.

> Yeah this seems to do the trick. Again a question. Now that it is 
> possible to see whether we try to click _not_ on a specific file,
> should 
> there be an else statement with a OliveMenu without the 
> selected=self.get_selected_right() or maybe a 
> treeselection.select_path(None) to reflect that fact?

I myself questioned the functionality here because you can have an item selected, and if the file list is short, right-click in the blank space to get the pop-up menu and perform an operation.  If you right-click in the blank space when nothing is selected a message box pops up altering you that no file has been selected.

I think both of those situations are acceptable as it "feels" ok, but I'm not opposed to tweaking it.  The other possible way to make it work is to not change the selection on right click at all or to affect the file being right-clicked without changing the selection.  I have apps that do it both ways.


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