[ANN] bzr-gtk 0.92.0

Szilveszter Farkas szilveszter.farkas at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 09:53:12 GMT 2007

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we've just released another release of bzr-gtk, 0.92.0. This release
sports some major refactoring, fixes some bugs, and adds a couple more
UI bits and is intended to be compatible with Bazaar 0.92.

The changes since 0.91.0 are:


  * Removed email part of committer id from committer column in the
revision history window. (Daniel Schierbeck)

  * Removed date column from revision history window. (Daniel Schierbeck)

  * Rearranged the logview into a notebook. (Daniel Schierbeck)

  * Redesigned the Commit dialog. (John Arbash Meinel)

  * Broken lines support made optional. (Daniel Schierbeck)


  * Rewrite of a large amount of the viz code:
        * Make use of the bzrlib.tsort.merge_sort for sorting the revisions.
        * A new algorithm to work out how to draw the lines using the
revsion numbers returned from merge_sort.
        * Lines that are very long are broken, which results in the
graph requiring less space to render and the graph is easier to
interpret. (#82907)
        * Choose the color for a branch from the revsion number, which
results in stable colors. Revisions on the mainline are allways black.
        * Implement a TreeModel that loads the revision data only when a
revision is scrolled into view, improving the time it takes to display
the first screen of data by 92%. (#124143)
        * Add a column to display the revision number. (#64167)
        * Add buttons to navigate to child revisions.
    (Gary van der Merwe)

  * Added a revert option to the revision menu. (Gary van der Merwe)


  * Show children on new row in table to avoid very broad windows in
viz. (Jelmer)

  * viz slow when run from olive. (#70463, Gary van der Merwe)

  * Make it possible to open diff from the commit window when there are
pending merges. (Gary van der Merwe)


  * Use standard version tuple. (Jelmer)

  * Add check command to setup.py. (Jelmer)

  * Avoid deprecation warning for all_plugins() in gpreferences. (Jelmer)

 This release can be downloaded from:

 * https://launchpad.net/bzr-gtk/0.92/0.92.0/+download/bzr-gtk-0.92.0.tar.gz
(mirror: http://phanatic.hu/bzr-gtk/bzr-gtk-0.92.0.tar.gz)

The tarball (the .tar.gz) has been signed with my GPG key (F1D076A3).
The signature can be downloaded from
http://phanatic.hu/bzr-gtk/bzr-gtk-0.92.0.tar.gz.asc. To verify the
tarball, run:

$ gpg --verify bzr-gtk-0.92.0.tar.gz.asc

Bugs and requests for new features can be reported on launchpad,

For the next release we're planning to enhance our test suite, and I'd
also like to include translations for Olive from Rosetta (the current
release doesn't contain any of them, since Launchpad wasn't able to
fulfill my export request in the last 12 hours).

At last but not at least, I'd like to thank to our contributors who
helped a lot to make this release happen. We're now using Bundle Buggy
to aid our development, and we hope that it helped producing better
quality code.


Szilveszter / phanatic
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