bzr 0.11 release candidate 2

Robert Collins robertc at
Wed Sep 27 00:43:12 BST 2006

This is a second release candidate for bzr, the revision control system.
(See for more general information). bzr-0.11rc2
is being released on the 27th september 2006 to fix test suite hangs on
windows, and a performance regression on all platforms.

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The only changes from 0.11rc1 are a test suite bug-fix for windows, and the performance-regression fix during commit.

bzr-0.11 final will be released on the 2nd October 2006.

Many thanks to all the contributors to this release! I've included the
contents of NEWS for 0.11rc2 below:

bzr 0.11rc2  2006-09-27


    * Test suite hangs on windows fixed. (Andrew Bennets, Alexander Belchenko).

    * Commit performance regression fixed. (Aaron Bentley, Robert Collins, John
      Arbash Meinel).

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